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Review - King of Darkness

King of Darkness - Elisabeth Staab

 I forget why I ended up reading this book. Heck, give me a couple more days and I'll probably forget THAT I read this book.


King of Darkness isn't a bad read, but it's pretty forgettable. I also found it somewhat derivative. The super-alpha males and their over-the-top antics reminded me somewhat of Black Dagger Brotherhood and other paranormal series, as did the setup involving good-guy vampires of a sort who are locked in battle with the evil wizards.


There's plenty of action in the story as well as plenty of steam in the (eyeroll)fated-mates romance, but everything felt a bit thin. The dialogue was rather blah and the worldbuilding just wasn't vivid enough to make the characters and their world come to life. I kept getting the feeling that this has been done elsewhere - and better - in other books.