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The Ice Princess: A Novel - Camilla Läckberg If you like complex, multi-layered suspense novels, then I definitely recommend this dark and moody book. I can't comment on the original as I don't read Swedish, but the translation is certainly engaging. Set in the village of Fjallbacka, the book opens with a biography writer who has returned to her childhood home following the death of her parents. While there, Erica Falck is called into the home of her childhood friend Alex, victim of an apparent suicide.It soon becomes obvious that Alex's death did not come at her own hand, and the murder investigation leads the reader through secrets of not only Alex's life, but also Erica's childhood and the lives of others in the village. It's something of a winding road, but one which I could not resist following. The story has a dark and brooding quality to it and the setting of a summer resort village in the winter off-season matches it well.What really made the book for me, however, was the fact that the murder is not the only plot. The quest to solve the case certainly drives much of the book, but Erica's relationships with old friends(including investigating detective Patrik Hedstrom) and with family also play important roles. And while this book is more suspense than romance, there is a romantic relationship running through the story that I hope to see developed further in future books. If you like Nordic mysteries or you're simply looking for some good suspense, definitely give The Ice Princess a try.