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I'm one of the publishers of All About Romance. I love reading romance, as well as mysteries, fantasy, history and historical fiction, and all kinds of other things. Staying on Goodreads for now but trying this out in case I decide to switch.

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Review - Nothing But Trouble

Nothing But Trouble - Rachel Gibson

This book is great if you're looking for a quick, good-humored read. The story has its serious side, and the author does a good job of showing us a hero who has lost his main purpose in life (playing professional hockey, in this case) and who has been left somewhat adrift. Even so, I would have to say that the tone of this book is surprisingly light given the subject matter and it ended up being a fun read. Not the meatiest story I've ever read but that's okay. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to wallow in angst or get emotionally wrung out by my reading.