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Review - Highland Hearts

Highland Hearts - Eva Maria Hamilton

I really wanted to like this book. The leads are actually both likable, and the setting of post-Culloden Scotland caught my eye. However, the plot is just one Big Mis on top of another and now that I've finished, I can't believe I stuck with it all the way through.

Here's the basic set-up: Sheena Montgomery comes from a landowning family while Logan McAllister is the son of a poor tenant farmer. The two fell in love and planned to marry. We learn at the beginning that Sheena's father made a deal with Logan whereby if Logan went to the Colonies as an indentured servant and made something of himself, he could marry Sheena.

So, what happened? Well, first of all Logan and Sheena's father told no one of their deal. Logan takes off for Georgia and Sheena has no idea why. Meanwhile, as Logan is working his tail off in the Georgia Colony, Sheena's brother gets killed at Culloden and the whole family situation just seems to go to hell in a handbasket. From Sheena's perspective, she pretty much got dumped and when Logan makes it back to the village 5 years later, she's not exactly rushing to greet him. In fact, her family has gone so far as to betroth her to a man she doesn't particularly want to marry.

So far, pretty understandable, I'd say. It's what comes next that drove me wild. Logan has chance after chance to tell Sheena what happened and why he left for the Colonies. As it turns out, Logan has bought her passage to America so she can come back as his wife. So, what drives the story? Lots of anguished longing as Logan and Sheena nurse hurt feelings while neither one of them can be bothered to share key pieces of information such as indenture, betrothal, etc... with one another. If these two had a normal, rational conversation with one another, this probably would have been a short story rather than a novel, but perhaps that's what it really needed to be.