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Real Men Will (Donovan Brothers Brewery, #3)

Real Men Will (Donovan Brothers Brewery, #3) - Victoria Dahl A good ending for what was a wonderful trilogy. I'm terrible about finishing series because I usually get bored or annoyed part of the way through. Not so with this one - Real Men Will not only has a lovely romance but provides a satisfying conclusion to the Donovan family drama that has been running through all of the books.The beginning, with Eric getting caught out after having had a one night stand with Beth using Jamie's name, was a little slow to hook me in. I found it a little hard to sympathize with Eric and the Beth/Eric interactions just weren't all that compelling for me. However, as Dahl starts to develop her themes, I found myself hooked. I'm used to confident characters from this author, but Beth and Eric are different. They show it in different ways, but each of these two has some trust and confidence issues that run pretty deep and the exploration of those in the context of their relationship makes for compelling reading.I had gotten sick of the Kendall storyline by the time I got to this book, so I found myself disengaging whenever the book turned in that direction, but overall this was a satisfying end to a really good series.