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Dirty (Dan and Elle #1) - Megan Hart The TBR Challenge theme for August is hot, steamy reads. In a sense, the book I chose, Megan Hart’s Dirty, published by Harlequin Spice in 2007, fits the bill. The story contains plentiful sex scenes, and they certainly are steamy. However, that’s not what stands out most about this book. This story contains some of the most intense plotting and interesting characters I’ve read in ages, and it tackles issues not often encountered in romance of any subgenre. I don’t know why I let this book sit in my TBR so long, but it was an amazing find, and I’d give it an A-, Desert Island Keeper status.Part of the story’s intensity comes from its narration. The heroine, Elle Kavanaugh, tells her story, and the twists and turns of her complex mind by turns draw sympathy, interest, and sometimes frustration from the reader. In many ways, Elle has hardened her heart. She wields sex as a weapon and lives a life of isolation. As a VP in an accounting firm, she’s obviously successful professionally, but she has few friends and little more than a string of one night stands to show for a romantic life. That starts to change as the story opens.NOTE: This is the beginning of the blog piece I wrote for the August 2012 installment of TBR Challenge. To see the complete review, check over at AAR: http://www.likesbooks.com/blog/?p=8706