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I'm one of the publishers of All About Romance. I love reading romance, as well as mysteries, fantasy, history and historical fiction, and all kinds of other things. Staying on Goodreads for now but trying this out in case I decide to switch.

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The Other Side of Us (Harlequin Super Romance Series #1824)

The Other Side of Us - Sarah Mayberry I enjoyed this book. If you're looking for lots of plot action, this may not be the one for you, but I really liked the characters here. Both hero and heroine have been through the wringer and I think a lot of external plot action would have seemed like overkill when combined with all the growth and healing that needs to take place for these two.In a nutshell, The Other Side of Us is about two neighbors in an Australian vacation community who get brought together by their dogs' escapades. Mackenzie has come to her rental house seeking a quiet place to recuperate from a serious auto accident, while Oliver's broken marriage led him to flee life in the city in favor of fixing up an inherited cottage for sale. It's not exactly love at first sight as the two prickly leads continually get off on the wrong foot with one another, but things gradually change between them as they find themselves constantly thrown together by circumstance - and their dogs' antics. It's not perfect, but it is a sweet story.In addition to reading this book, I also interviewed the author for Books With Buzz over at All About Romance: http://www.likesbooks.com/blog/?p=9221