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Daughter of the Sky - Michelle Diener B- at AAR, so 3.5 stars here As a reader always on the hunt for unusual settings and non-wallpaper history, Daughter of the Sky sounded like it could be quite a book. And at times, it was. After all, romance readers don't often get a chance to find their way to South Africa during the Anglo-Zulu War. The pacing had some issues and the story didn't quite come to life as much as the very best books tend to do, but it's still overall a unique and often engrossing story.As the book opens, we see a young teenager, Elizabeth Jones, sailing en route to England. Her missionary parents have died in China and so she must return to her grandmother. However, the ship wrecks off the coast of South Africa and a Zulu boy rescues Elizabeth after spotting her in the waves. She is taken into the village to live among the Zulu people and because of her red hair, she is given a Zulu name meaning "Daughter of the Sky," based upon a legend.The main action in the story takes place several years later. Elizabeth has reached her early 20s and her world is on the edge of upheaval as the British prepare to invade Zululand. Throughout the story, we see tensions mounting on both sides as they prepare to fight. Elizabeth finds herself in the middle of the action as her looks make her the obvious member of the village to try to infiltrate the British camp and learn what they have in mind. Disguised as an enlisted soldier, she manages to get into the camp and finds herself tasked as Captain Jack Burdell's valet.At this point, there are so many ways in which this book could have gone wrong, and the author deserves a lot of credit for not falling into any of those traps. This is a partial review. You can find the complete text at All About Romance: http://www.likesbooks.com/cgi-bin/bookReview.pl?BookReviewId=9664