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Beguiling the Beauty - Sherry Thomas Sherry Thomas has a wonderful voice. I love how she describes her characters, and makes their world come to life. That being said, this just wasn't her very best. For most of the book, Venetia does not allow Christian to see her face, and she keeps her true identity a secret. The various contrivances she uses to keep her face hidden felt forced and that kept me from getting into this story as much as I otherwise would have. In addition, Christian's history of being utterly spellbound by Venetia every time he laid eyes on her despite his having little respect for her based upon what he thinks he knows about her life started to grate by the end of the book. I could buy the infatuation /disdain combination at the beginning, but I just couldn't buy into it in the latter parts of the book. However, even with these flaws, I just could not stop reading. The plotting in this book isn't perfect, but Thomas' writing style is lush and gorgeous, and even when the characters frustrate me, I love the pictures she paints with her words.Another thing I liked about this book - it's part of a series and we can already tell that the main characters of the series will have their stories develop and overlap throughout. I appreciate that Thomas is creating a little world of characters with intersecting stories who mix together naturally rather than stringing together couples whose stories could just as easily stand alone.